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The documentation is still in its early state and subject to change. Please expect API changes until boxes and glue hits version 1.

First document#

This is the first place to go when you want to create a document with boxes and glue. You start with an empty directory and finish with a one page PDF file with a text broken into lines.

Architecture overview#

The architecture overview presents a high level schematic view of the components of boxes and glue.

The frontend library#

The frontend library is the high-level “nice to have” library which makes it easy to load fonts, create text and place them in the PDF.

The backend library#

The backend library is the low-level “hard word” library which gives you the ultimate freedom to put anything you want into the PDF file. You have to take care of creating the correct data structures needed for the PDF.

The PDF backend library#

The PDF backend is not strictly part of boxes and glue, but was developed for it. Feel free to use this PDF library in your own code.

boxes and glue made easy#

The bagme library is a library using boxes and glue that is aimed at easy to use HTML typesetting in your Go software. Just initialize the library, output some HTML text and ... there is no step three!