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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I create my PDF
With boxes and glue

Welcome to Boxes and Glue#

boxes and glue is a PDF generation library written in Go. It is

  • Super fast. A document can be created within 10 milliseconds on a modern computer.
  • Based on algorithms found in TeX. The well known optimum fit line breaking algorithm is used to break paragraphs into lines.
  • Capable of multi language texts. Hyphenation patterns and the harfbuzz text shaping library are included to generate PDFs for many languages around the world.
  • Many PDF standards are supported. For example it is possible to create accessible PDF (PDF/UA).


Since boxes and glue is still in its early development phase, the library itself and the documentation is still in its early state and subject to change. Please expect API changes until boxes and glue hits version 1.


See getting started section in the documentation.